Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vampire Academy

        Vampire Academy
Vladimir Academy is the home of vampires and and their guardians but best friends Rose and Lissa didn’t feel safe surrounded by the walls of the Academy that they decided to escape. However they were caught by the Academy. But even after their return danger still inhabits the academy only now it grew stronger. With Rose being punished by the Academy, the students with gossips and being caught up in the forbidden love she felt for her mentor Dimitri time is running out for Rose to save Lissa from the grip of danger.

At the start of the book I really didn’t like Rose’s attitude; she is mean and disrespectful and I didn’t like the way she stood up for herself and her best friend Lissa. This is really weird for me because I usually like strong, independent and stubborn women but she is in a whole new different level add to that is her flirtatious attitude that appears immediately as fast as it disappears. But later on, I started to understand her and saw through her. I know that she just wanted to protect Lissa although sometimes it is kind of over the top but I guess that is how she protects her. As the story progresses I saw that Rose grew up and matured. Her perspective of things changed and she made more sense to me. Furthermore, I liked how she stood up against all the the students in the Academy when they were chastising her with all those gossips. I have grown to admire her because of these things. I also have a comment with the Rose and Dimitri romance, I am not such a big fan of it. I don’t know why maybe because my mind has a weird picture of him I know he’s hot maybe it is my lack of imagination but somehow I can’t make a good picture of this guy which is strange because I usually don’t have problems picturing hot and good-looking guys after they are described in the book I mean, I didn’t have a hard time imagining Jace Wayland from mortal instruments who is also in different level of hotness and also because she is so young I’m gross out with an image of teenage girl hovering over much much older man I keep having this image of a tiny girl and a big man. really I have nothing against Dimitri. He’s hot but not the type that I can imagine. I have nothing against love and age but i mean she is just a high school never mind that she is hot and looks beyond her age but her mind is still young. Another factor why I am not a big fan of their romance because it gives way to this cliche forbidden romance thing. Lastly, it is because I am big fan of the young kind of love (i mean I am young it is understandable right?) story not into those young girls falling in love with their teachers love story but that is just me. But if they end up together which by now I am 90 percent sure that would be okay. 


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