Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Twisted Life

Twisted Life
Hi, this is me again. I guess by the look of the page you are viewing you know who I am but another round of introduction will not hurt. I am em-em. I just graduated a few months ago. And this is my story.
I live in a small city so small that even the people in our country seldom heard of it but I am telling you it is a city;  the city known as Panabo. I live here for my entire life. You might be imagining a city with huge buildings, buzzing cars and people walking every corner of the street trying to get to get to work. I hate to break your bubble but it is not really like that either. No tall buildings, few cars and fewer people walking the streets. I know what your thinking, if there are a few cars and even fewer people walking the streets then what is the means of transportation or better yet this must be a secluded city. Wrong again! We use tricycle as a means of transportation, no cab and definitely no bus just tricycles there are people who drive them and who ride them. Those who are riding have to pay of course. And the second guess being a secluded city? Nope! It is not. The city is actually found between two cities.  
Social life in this city is not so great also. Nights are quiet. We have a club of course. A CLUB. To make an emphasis one club. However, it is not the upbeat kind that you can see people forming a line to get in. Just you know a small club that only few people come to. We also have A mall. Just one. No cinemas. No arcades. No carnivals. So what do people around here do for fun? Well, most of those outdoorsy type of people go to coffee shops with their laptops, go the beach which by the way is just a developing beach not the tourist spot material for NOW, go to that club that I mentioned, and go to the night market. And for the people who are the “indoorsy” type which is the category where I belong, we stay at home like the word “indoorsy” will not give you a hint. But yes, I stay at home not because I have no friends or that I am freak or have a strange religion nothing like that. I just like to stay at home because there is nothing fun to do. I have been here all my life and it is rare to find something that will capture my attention. So, I stay at home, read, cook, eat, sleep and hangout with friends.
  Stop! No need to take pity. I love this kind of life. I mean it is summer after all there is no best way to spend a summer than to just lazy around all day and I get to do that. Before you doubt me and say how can we not take pity you when you are staying in a place that is only one step down from being a secluded town I will tell you this. I have also been out of this city, to the bigger cities in fact, I spent four years in a city that is an hour drive from ours; Davao city. That is where I studied college in a prestigious school I might add. I have lots of friends and a good family. But lots of friends and a good family doesn’t mean no drama. Believe me my life doesn’t lack of any drama. And I will give you all a treat or should I say a punishment in telling you all about it. Starting with four years in college until we reach the present. Don’t worry too much though I will take easy on you who decided to waste your time on reading this and do it one day at a time. So be ready because in the next days to come I will tell you my story. 


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