Friday, April 6, 2012



I was alone in the dark
You came like a tiny spark
A tall man whose light scares the dark
With dark hair that falls like silk 
With skin as white as milk 
Suddenly I was looking into the eyes with endless blue 
Suddenly my world was filled with different hues.

You were so perfect to me
You felt right to me.
But when I opened eyes you are not around
Is it because you were never around?
Or is it my heart playing tricks with my mind?
Maybe you’re just lurking behind.
Waiting for me to find. 

How could it be?  When it felt so real.
How could it be? When your touch made me heal.
But you were just a dream.
Another dream to lose my mind.
Another dream to keep me awake 
Another man I could not have
Another man I could not grasp

Why is it that I keep dreaming of you?
Why is it that I keep seeing you?
I’m slowly dying inside.
Why did we have to collide?
When we know you’ll only tear me apart.
I wish I could hide my heart
So that I could keep myself alive.

No longer a prisoner of your shadows.
No longer a broken piece that you swallow.


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