Friday, April 6, 2012

Shadowfever (Fever#5)

Shadowfever (Fever#5)

The fight to reclaim the world from the Faes continue. 

After losing Barrons in the Silvers MacKayla starts fighting for survival with the plan of creating another world. She allies with her known enemy and killer of her sister Lord Master to continue the search for the book and control it. But before she could grasp the secrets to controlling the book the Lord Master dies while the man she thought died in the Silver - Barrons - returns. With the Book being on the lose they must do all they can in their power to find it, contain in and bring the walls back up. However, there are secrets in MacKayla’s life will change what was already known. And they come face to face with the fact that the thing they were hunting is closer that what it seems. 

AWESOME BOOK. PERFECT ENDING. Those are the words that I think would describe the last book Shadowfever. Those words may even be an understatement. I don’t know what to say. I am still trying to organize my thoughts. I thought that I had it all figured out but really I was way off base. I had mix emotions reading this. There was of course confusion. On the previous book I was complaining that there were so many plots and mysteries that I was beginning to think that maybe the book was not meant to entertain me but rather to keep me awake at night thinking of the many possibilities. However, this book proved me wrong. I really admired how Karen Moning was able to fit the characters into the plot. They were like pieces of a puzzle and they fit perfectly! All of them played a significant role in the story. And how she weaved the characters into the place that they should fit in the puzzle is truly unexpected. I know that the dreamy eyed guy plays a role in the universal scheme of the story but I have never dreamed for him to be the King himself. I was thinking that V’lane was the king boy, how wrong was I. Even MacCabe play a role. The story is no doubt cleverly made. From the characters, to the story and the way it was written it was all too good. It was PERFECT! 

Mac and Barrons are the perfect leading characters and they are perfect for each other. It was fun seeing how their love story unfold. I was like “right there is a true and realistic love story unfolding right in my eyes!”. It wasn’t the love at first sight kind nothing like that. It was the slow getting to know each other type and I love every single moment of it! The barbecue scene was hilarious!! Best ending for everybody. 

The fact that this all started with love that was denied did not dampen the appeal of the story to me rather it made its appeal stronger. This shows that a simple thing as love could give rise to intricate plots and even stories. 

I could not put the book down. I was reading it ’til dawn in hopes of finishing it soon and getting to the bottom of it all. And when I was close to finishing it I was sad and happy. I’m being bipolar here. I want more of them. Can’t get enough of the story. I have never read a book as good as this. I could safely say that this is one of the books that I would definitely read again and to add to that this is on the top of the list. 


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