Sunday, April 15, 2012

Original Story: Start to End

Start to End
It started with a text message
It was just a simple hi
We talked, we laughed
We spent the entire night together
It was epic 
Like a scene from a story
You were amazing but you were also danger 
You were wrong for me
You were all kinds of wrong
So wrong you felt so right
But I took the risk
I gave you my heart
And it was heaven from the start
But I have fallen from heaven’s grip
Our story came to an end. 
You cheated, you lied
But you’re still in my heart
You’re fake, you’re weak
But I can’t get you off my mind
So sick of playing this game with you
We break up, we make up
Tell me what’s the deal?
I can’t run from you
I keep on coming back
Back to the start
Back to that broken heart
I want to be free
Away from shadows
Away from your grasp.
Away from what used to be. 


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