Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Original Story: What I did

What I did…
 I made this for my boyfriend whom I know I have caused pain. I know that you said that we forget about it. You said there is nothing to apologize. Still, I want you to know this. 

I know I made you cry.
Made your eyes run dry.
I know I made you sad.
Made your heart feel bad.
I know I made you feel useless
Made you think your giving me less.
I know I made you hurt
Made your heart burst

Your face no longer has that smile
Your eyes no longer shine for miles
Your heart no long flutters
Your mind no longer mutters

I want to make you smile
I know it is worthwhile
I want to wipe those tears away
Wish I could press rewind and have a replay
 I want to heal your heart
Make sure it’s never taken apart.
I want to erase those thoughts
With happy ones I wrought.

Baby, it was a bad night
 I wish I could hold you tight
Make you feel safe and no longer afraid
Redo all I did and erase all I said
But I can’t, your tears haunts me
And this is my sorry.


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