Friday, April 6, 2012

Frostbite (Vampire Academy 2)

 Frostbite (Vampire Academy 2)
    This story started where the first book took off. The vampires face more trouble with the strigoi when a group of strigoi attacked a family with the help of a group of human beings. When christmas vacation came, Vladimir’s Academy students went on a vacation up in the mountains. Things started to grew more dangerous when another group strigoi killed another royal family. Now, Rose and his friends faces a new set of danger.

I am in deep depression right now Mason died he died! That was a real disaster for me. I love this guy he is nice and easy going. But then he has to die!why? But at the same time I am over the clouds with this book because of one word ADRIAN. Gosh! Adrian spells HOT for me. I might have some problems imagining the physical appearance of Dimitri but not him. Tall, brown hair and green eyes. Oh boy! Adrian can really make me feel all jittery inside and in a very very good way. I keep having this stupid grin on my face whenever he has those exchanges which are never short from flirting with Rose. Now that is the kind of romance that I really like. Light and easy going but at the same time have a sense of seriousness in it. Young love can feels so good and that is what I’m getting in Adrian with Rose. But sadly, Rose wants Dimitri but that’s okay I am here for you Adrian (hehehe) I wish. 


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