Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Perfect Chemistry

Perfect Chemistry
Time for a quick break. Here is a review that I made of a book that I have read. Enjoy…
Brittany Ellis lives a perfect life; perfect appearance, family, friends and boyfriend. Alex Fuentes is every bit the opposite of Brittany; he is poor, a gang member and lives a dangerous life. When senior year started the two of them became chemistry partner and Brittany’s once thought as a fun senior year took a full 360 degrees turn. 

A bet from his friends to make Brittany fall in love with him put Alex right on the path of Brittany. When Alex catches a glimpse of Brittany’s so called perfect life he found out that, that life is anything but perfect. But what started as a dare became a reality when Alex catches himself actually falling in love with Brittany. However, they are both from different sides of the world and being together will prove to be a challenge for the two of them. 

I don’t even know where to begin. I mean this book is one of the best romantic novels I have ever read!! And just because I like it doesn’t mean I will be blinded by how the book is such a cliche. I mean a rich girl falling in love with a poor guy is not a rare story if you ask me. I have seen it in movies read in several books however, this story puts it together differently. It has a certain appeal that makes you want to read it and forbids you to stop. The fact that it is about two highschool students plays a factor to its appeal. I don’t know maybe I am just a sucker for young romance. It is because it is serious but not the kind of seriousness that makes it kind of depressing. The way young love plays out is always humorous and witty. And I have to admit the flirting part of the book makes me smile and jittery. I like the personality of the characters, both are strong individuals in their respective ways. They fight for each other and never give up easily. Gosh!! I haven’t read a good love story such as this for quite a while. It makes me want to believe about the possibilities there is when it comes to love. As much as I like this book and happy about how things turned out for Brittany and Alex; it was the best ending one could possibly come up for the two of them there were parts that I was really sad. I was so sad when Paco died. I like Paco. He is a true friend who wanted nothing but happiness for Alex. He was so selfless and seeing or in my case reading that he died a very gruesome death pinched my heart. 

The book is about friendship, family and love. It has all these elements. When it comes to friendship we have the true friends Isabelle, Paco, Sierra and Doug and we have the backstabbing friend which would be Darlene. Family, we see the family of Brittany that clings to how they are perceived by other people and Alex’s family that is full of love. Finally we have love, Brittany and Alex. The lesson that this book leaves is that in trying times that is when you find true friends and love whether for a family, a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend is always worth fighting for. There is something to be said when it comes to love and fighting: “You fight even when you are losing but don’t leave a fight when you know you are winning the art is to identify if you are at the losing or the winning end”. 
I hope you have the time to read the book!:) 


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