Monday, April 16, 2012

Original Story: Forever in Seven Days

Forever in Seven Days

Forget about fairy tales. Cinderella and prince charming, Snow White and prince charming, Aurora (sleeping beauty) and prince charming, they are nothing compared to my love story. Hey, come to think of it, they all fell in love with prince charming. Did they fall in love with the same prince? Or did the authors forget that princes should also have names?  Me, I fell in love with a guy who’s every bit a prince charming as these guys and take note my prince has a name. And our love? This stuff is made of reality.
First day, it started with a call from him in the middle of the night. And although I was not allowed to go out of my dormitory I pleaded with our guard just so I could go out. Now why did I just do that?
Second day, he sent me text message inviting me to dinner. I said yes even if I should be out with my friends supporting one of our friends who joined a pageant. Now, what made me do that?
After dinner we went somewhere by the ocean. He held my hand when we got the edge where the ocean meets the shore he hugged me tight and we stayed like that for almost the entire time of our stay. Now, why did I allow him to do that?
We talked. He told me about his ex girlfriend and about how someone stole a kiss from him. I was choking back my jealousy. I would definitely get the word STUPID in bold capital letters tattooed on my forehead. We are just friends right? Friends don’t get jealous with their friend’s ex. Now, what made me feel that way?
Third day, we went to a coffee shop in the middle of the night. He told me he left his friends at their house just so he could be with me. He wants to be with me rather than with them. I am important to him. Now, why does his words send thrills into my system?
Fourth day, we were supposed to go to a mass but I wasn’t able to come. I felt so guilty for not being able to go while he was there waiting for me in the church. After the mass he went to my dorm and we went out to dinner. And felt so relieved that I get to see him before our exam. Now, why all these emotions?
Fifth day, he called to wake me up for our nursing licensure exam. We sent many text messages however; I was not able to see him today. I understand we have to concentrate for our second day of exam. But I feel lonely and incomplete. Now, why the feeling of loneliness and being incomplete?
Sixth day, finally exams are over.  I get to see him tonight. But wait; shouldn’t I be relieved that there are no more exams? No more reviews? Instead of counting the hours until I see him again? Now, why all the excitement of seeing him?
Seventh day, he told me he loves me even before we started going out. He has always loved me since high school. I was caught speechless when he said “If you would give me chance be my girl and I will court you forever”. All I did was nod. I didn’t even understand what he said. It was like my brain froze. I’m pretty sure the brain freezing part was not due to the exams that sucked all my knowledge away but it was because of this guy sitting right next to me, looking me straight in the eye and telling me he loves me.
All these questions I don’t know where they come from. I don’t know why they haunt me. When I am not with him I want to talk about him to my friends. Maybe it was not just him who fell in love with a girl a long time ago. Maybe I also fell in love with a boy a long time ago. And it is just until now that that boy is with me that I recognize it
You see, he was the boy from my elementary days, the teenage boy from my high school years and now he is the man in my present and my future. 
It is fascinating how life can play its little tricks with us. How the boy I thought was just a friend turned out to be the one I am holding hands with. How the teenage boy who I thought ignored me for the rest of high school years turned out to be the one I have priceless moments with.  How this boy is now a man that I am so in love with. And how this boy became my prince charming. No, he didn’t ride a white horse; he just walked into my life and changed everything. This boy is a dream in my reality and he is my Dave. 


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