Sunday, April 15, 2012

Original Story: Conversation in silence: Still entwined

Conversation in silence: Still entwined 

Boy: There she is walking like she owns the world
Girl: There he is sitting with the confidence of the world.
Boy: I used to walk right next to you
Girl: I used to sit beside you
Boy: I used to hold your hand
Girl: I used to think your grand

Boy and Girl:
Do you miss me like how I miss you? 
Do you still see me like how I see you?
Do you care that I’m no longer there?
Or do you mean every smile you wear?
Am I just for the past?
Or am I meant to last?

Boy: Why did we not fight?
Girl: Were our differences that might?
Boy: I still picture holding you.
Girl: I am dying to touch you.
Boy: I hold my breath to hear you speak
Girl: I hear your voice and I break 

Boy and Girl: 
I am empty, forever in the dark
I wait for you to give me my spark
But I continue to hang to your every word
Hoping I will be again part of your world
Why did we break?
When we knew our heart was at stake. 


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