Friday, April 6, 2012

Missing on Easter.

         Missing on Easter.

           Easter bunny, Easter eggs and that famous Easter egg hunting. However, it’s not about those things that I will write about. Sure, maybe its fun doing that Easter hunting thing. And maybe it’s devastating when you can’t find the Easter bunny. No pun intended to those tradition.  But I don’t have personal experience with those things so there is really nothing to write about that. Nevertheless it feels like my mind and heart is doing its own Easter hunting. Well, you can call it Easter bunny hunting if the bunny is about 5 feet and 7 inches tall, has tan skin, medium built, black short hair with handsome face and boy who is currently away.

           I never thought that 5 days could feel this long or slow at that. Maybe it’s the lack of things to do considering that I am currently unemployed and all that or maybe because I am missing that important part of my day that I always look forward to when I wake up.

           It’s that part of the day when I walk out of my front door and watch you taking those purposive strides towards me. It’s seeing you smile while your eyes are focused solely on me. It’s when I open that rusty gate and hug you real tight or kiss you. And it’s when we sit in the porch just watching the sun go down or watching people walk us by. It’s when I laugh with you or share a moment of comfortable silence. It’s when I reminisce happy memories with you that make me all giddy all over again.

          I am not going through a melancholic phase. I am not putting some kind of drama. But to put it simply I am just missing you. I am missing you on Easter and so my heart is doing that Easter hunting thing to find you.   


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