Friday, April 6, 2012

Falling for Romeo

Falling for Romeo

John is the popular and perfect guy who could have any girl that he wanted while Jennifer is just an ordinary, beautiful girl who works hard to be perfect. The two of them used to be friends but as soon as they hit high school they started to grew apart. However, they are reunited to play the characters of Romeo and Juliet. Now, they find themselves falling for each other only they have to figure out which among the kisses is true and which one is done for the sake of art. Moreover, they have to move past pride and jealousy if they want to achieve their desired ending. 

I love this book!! Truly love this!! I love a lot of books but this one is on a different level. I was always having this smile on my face while I read it. They are both a perfect match for each other. Their bickering is very funny. I really laughed when they continue to relate their real life problems with the issues presented in the book they are reading in their English class; Pride and Prejudice. Indeed in some ways they are similar to the characters in the book. They are both smart as well. I truly envy their friendship and their love. Both their love and friendship is realistic. This story made me laugh a lot and there was not a dull moment in it. I could not make myself stop reading it even as I watch a movie with my sister I continued sneaking a read I was that hooked. And it is not because the book was constantly keeping me on the edge but because the book gave me this feeling that you only get when you are in love or when you see people in love. The fact that the author wrote the book both in John and Jennifer’s perspective made me more excited for them and just wanted to push them to realize what they have for each other but this feeling is non frustrating at all it is like watching two friends fall in love or falling in love yourself. Which you don’t get much often. Makes me miss young love not that I am not young I am still very young but not in love though. 
As sad as it is, friends sometimes grow apart because they started to have different priorities and likes and you see that a lot. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed not only fix but even make it into something better like falling in love. 
I gave it a five not because it has mind-boggling plot or action scenes that gets you carried away but it is because it was realistic and it makes a reader feel one of the most important feelings in life and that is LOVE. A good kind of LOVE 


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