Friday, April 6, 2012

Bloodfever (Fever #2)

Bloodfever (Fever #2)

MacKayla Lane continues her search for a book that was said to be created a million years ago with a man that she barely even know helping her and saving her life Jericho Barrons. With each passing time it became clear to her that not only is the book wanted by everyone, but there are also people who wanted her dead and and others wanted her alive. As she continues to seek vengeance for her sister’s death and the search for the book she must discern from the people around her who are her allies and who are the enemies. However, armed with only little knowledge about the Faery world and the people around her this proves to be a big challenge and with each passing time that she is unable to find who to trust she finds herself once again knocking on death’s door. 

Mysterious! That is the word that describes this book. It is full of mystery every moment a new mystery unfolds. Whenever Mac decides to go out or she’s alone I find myself holding my breath because I know that something will happen and I just keep my fingers cross that this something is a good something. Yes, I was carried away. But can you blame me? The book was dead on exciting. Every page was full of action. I was literally chewing my nails when she was imprisoned. In reference to the other books that I have read the lead characters are only imprisoned from a short time and then her savior would suddenly arrive. But in this book, she was tortured and imprisoned for a long time that I thought maybe she will die. I still don’t know what to make out of the love scene between Mac at Barrons. It wasn’t how I expected it to happen. Surely, there is something brewing inside the two of them. With how Barrons was acting in the book I was having the impression that he was being jealous and whether he likes it or not I think Mac is starting to matter to him more than as an OOP detector. Gosh! What we have here is a very slow progress of love. But I have no complains at all their bickering is funny and entertaining. I have a few opinions about Barrons, I thought that he is a wolf or maybe a sorcerer. However, I have a feeling that I am wrong. Maybe he is the Fae who created the book? I don’t know I am still pretty confuse. This guy brings mystery to this book more than the plot itself. So far, this series is every bit what I want.


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