Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Yara Silva comes from a family gifted with abilities to see and communicate with ghosts. She hopes that the gene that caused those abilities had skipped her. But when she went to Pernelle, things have suddenly changed after she saved a boy named Brent from a danger that no one could see other than her. That was the time that realized that the gene that she dreaded did not skip her and she is starting to develop her other abilities. With her abilities currently developing she discovers a danger that’s been looming the school for decades. 

Oh gosh!! This book is awesome. I love this book. It is a fast pace book. The moment I started reading it there was already action. I get so caught up with the events that happened to Yara and Brent. Yara is every bit the character that I just love. And I find myself laughing at her witty remarks towards Brent. And oh Brent!! I just adore him. He is not the perfect guy I frequently read in books you know the”perfect guy” with no flaws at all. He gives off a normal 16 year old boy vibe that just made me love him. He is very funny and strong. 

This is a breath of fresh air for me; this is the first time I read a book like this. I mean it is really different reading how the characters dealt with their own death. I was constantly worried about what will happen to them. The thrill and excitement not to mention how funny the characters are made me love this book. The characters along with the story made me made the book totally the best. I truly recommend this for everyone to read! 


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