Friday, April 6, 2012

Faefever (Fever #3)

Faefever (Fever #3)

The hunt continues. 
Mac continues to hunt for the book, for truth, for revenge, for allies and for her true self. Even though Barrons saved the life of Mac numerous times she still can’t bring herself to trust him. A discovery of a silver mirror and Barrons walking through it further her suspicions and now she has to find someone she can trust. She is forced to ally with V’lane the Seelie prince and Barrons the mysterious guy who’s real identity is still unknown to her. As more time passed that the book is still not in her possession she discovers a terrible truth about this book. And now the threat of the walls that separates the Faery world and the human World is ever more great. A war is heavy in the horizon. Time is running out to find this book and rebuild this wall before humanity’s existence is put to an end by the Fae. 

SAD!! I was really really really sad! I’m not talking about the theme of the book here. I am talking about how the book has ended. Maybe it is best to start at the beginning. I was excited to read this book and the book did not disappoint me at all. It has all the elements that the first two books have but elevated to the next level. There was more action in this book from beginning to end. The revelations were truly something that I never have guessed. I was really laughing at how V’lane and Barrons try to sway Mac to their side. But what was more entertaining was how Barrons reacts to Mac’s constant contact with V’lane. I can see that their relationship is deepening. And I was really pissed off with Rowena. Gosh! I want to strangle her. She is so shallow. For someone who is old and thought to be knowledgeable she is not perceptive and a total control freak. Of all the characters who is after Mac to do her harm she is the one that I really hate. Maybe because she attack Mac’s emotions more than her physical being and that makes her cruel. 

I was really happy reading the story until I reached the end of the book. Sad is not even enough to cover how I felt. All the while that Mac was in that sticky situation I kept on having this hope and expectation that maybe Barrons or V’lane would come and rescue her. But no one came. Oh gosh chivalry must really be dead but then again this may also prove that all of us must not depend on others so much. Nevertheless a help at that time would have been great. Karen Marie Moning must have some issues with chivalry for not putting any of it in her books. I mean yes, there was chivalry in the second book but it was a late chivalry and now it has none at all. I can see that this will stir the next book to go another level and I can’t wait for that. I can’t wait for the mysteries to finally end but most of all I can’t wait to figure out what heck Barrons really is. This is great read for me. Totally an awesome book. A must read.


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