Friday, April 6, 2012



You were a distant dream, moving fast
 And all I wish is that you’d last
You were the angel, falling down
Who’s beauty I could drown

I was a small town girl, confused and alone
I was the invisible girl, trapped and blown
Then you came and change my ways
No more storm ’cause you’re the sun in my days 

I must have done something good to deserve you
I must have been somebody great to have you
Maybe it was my lucky star
Maybe it was fate
That brought me to you.

Now I know that I could be more
More than ordinary, more than the invisible girl
Now I know that I could soar
Soar above the clouds, soar high and whirl

I wish I could stay like this
With you holding me close
I wish I could stay in this bliss
With you that I need the most. 


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