Saturday, May 12, 2012

Book Review: City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5)City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sebastian has risen and now he and Jace are missing. But something is wrong with Jace; something is different with him, he is no longer the Jace he once was. Isabelle, Magnus, Alec and Simon tries all the means they could think of to get Jace back. However they must do this without Clary because Clary is in the middle of a dangerous situation that might cost her her life.

That was an amazing read. From the first page until the last page I was just holding my breath. It was exciting and action packed. And there was no shortage of humor. Every character is funny in their own way. I still love the characters. I saw a different side of them. They have grown a lot in this book. Isabelle was a strong character and even though she rarely speaks her mind she makes it count. Alec starts to express himself more. Magnus, he is becoming more involve; he shows more of his emotion and his relationship with Alec changed him in more ways than one. Simon is more confident and braver. Clary is still stubborn but a lot of good things came out from her stubbornness and she is also brave and she never lets anybody dictate her. That is something that I admire about Clary. Lastly Jace, what can I say my fictional crush still got it going on. Aside from the fact that he is still a swoon worthy guy he is also witty and romantic and sarcastic in a funny way. I just love his lines. I don't know how Cassandra is able to come up with his lines but just keep it coming Cassandra. The least of my favorite character is Jocelyn. GAAAAAHHHH she makes me nuts! I understand her but I just don't agree with her ways of doing things. She is the I-will-do-what-I-think-is-right-I-don't-care-about-your-feelings character. She listens to nobody and I mean NOBODY!

The plot is simple; good versus evil. But what made this book a hit for me is how it was laid. There was a lot going on that just kept tugging my mind. It lured me to finishing the book faster than I normally would have. Sebastian is the evil character here. He is one hateful, scary and annoying antagonist. I was soooo angry at him with what he did to Clary. The fight scene between him and Clary in the apartment was the hardest to read. I just want to rip Sebastian from the book and beat him up myself (LOL).

For the most part I missed Jace. I was heart broken with what happened to him. I was glad though that he still has his humor and love for Clary. The whole time I was saying JACE SNAP OUT OF IT!!

I am glad for the ending of this book. No more cliff hanging endings. HOOOORRAAAAY! The ending was just right. It makes the readers know that there is a next book and it gives them an idea of what the next book is about. Thank heavens for that!

Heart-stopping, can't put down, forget-about-sleeping book you don't want to miss. Great work Cassandra!

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